What is Youtubing..? Learn Step By Step


YouTube has become one of the most popular social sites worldwide, the users spend a lot of time there watching videos. If you want to be in that category you have to understand what is youtube and how can you use it to reach them.

What is YouTubing - YouTube video ranking

Youtube's algorithm changed a while back from its peak, where videos ranked 1st-2nd on the search results page. There was an increase in the popularity of YouTube over the past years and this also gave birth to the concept of Youtubing. Nowadays, YouTubers just upload their latest videos and they do not even think about getting views because that will only get someone interested in watching it. It's a great source for new content creators looking to make a name for themselves and monetize their content.

YouTube channel ranking

You need to find out a way to show up in the first video list. You cannot expect to be ranked number one with no effort on your part. To achieve this, you'll need to put the effort into creating quality content. The best place to start is by researching some ideas. Here are some tips on how to write effective titles and descriptions:

1. Title - Do not go with your own words

The title should tell people what your content is about. For instance, if you're making a comedy skit, avoid using "Laugh Out Loud" or similar names because nobody will know what kind of content you're trying to create. Stick to short phrases and try to avoid being too long. That said, don't forget to give credit to others on your channel. This may seem like unnecessary work, but it does help build trust with other users on your channel.

2. Description - 

Remember your keywords and focus on describing exactly what you do. Let your description convey your message succinctly. Include keywords as much as possible so your viewers know what type, length, etc. of content you produce. Don't waste any precious words writing about specific tools or resources. Just describe the process you took when doing something and leave the rest. Make sure every sentence is clear and informative.

3. Tags - 

Using tags helps show up in relevant categories on your profile. They are used both on your posts and on your channel. For example, if you share information related to fitness, you could label those images under the tag 'Fitness', then you could add a link to your website under the tag 'Website'. Both methods will enable you to engage viewers more easily.

4. Bio - 

Be brief and concise. Keep the introduction short and sweet, and don't hesitate to mention any details you're working on. Give answers to questions your readers might have, then end your post (or just include a call to action that urges them to read more or listen to more).

5. Meta description - 

Ensure your meta description includes key details such as language and country or region. While using these tags on videos, ensure that their purpose is clearly explained to allow viewers to make informed decisions about where to watch YouTube videos. Also, always remember to include your username so that viewers can follow you easily.

6. Uploads - 

Always make sure what videos you upload do not violate any copyright laws when uploading clips. Additionally, always keep track of which tags you've applied to your videos. Use that information to create an outline of all uploaded clips for future reference. It's a good idea to organize each update you publish into separate media files. These will help you better manage the amount of time spent on the content creation process.

7. Videos - 

Try to create high-quality but entertaining and engaging videos with suitable background music. You can choose between different formats such as HD or MP4, depending on how many subscribers you have. Once these videos are ready, ensure that they are optimized for YouTube's mobile app. It is recommended to edit and optimize for mobile in advance to improve performance on the platform. Having said that, it's highly important to remember that the majority of people watch YouTube videos on their PCs, rather than mobiles. Therefore, make sure that all your videos are viewed on desktop platforms. Otherwise, your chances of getting some clicks will diminish significantly.

8. Channels - 

Promote your videos and your channel. As mentioned earlier on, you need to grow your subscriber count. However, YouTube offers several recommendations on how to grow your subscriber count, including joining groups, starting influencer programs, publishing video links to existing channels, etc. Follow these recommendations to ensure that your videos are seen by people who are already subscribed and interested in watching your content.

9. Branding - 

To make your brand recognizable among potential fans and business partners, put together a branded bio and contact information for yourself. Add a thank-you note with links to your email address, products, services, blog, etc., within the bio section. Consider investing in Google My Business (GMB) links, as these will give viewers a quick and easy way to learn more about your company or organization.

10. Social media presence -

 Share your content and interact regularly with your followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. By sharing valuable content and interacting with audiences, it will become easier for these accounts to discover you faster. One of the best ways to connect with your audience is through comments and reviews. A positive experience will motivate them to come back to your channel in the future. Additionally, consider collaborating on projects with fellow creator members on various topics. Doing so will make your content appear in multiple publications and earn you more views.

11. Link building – 

Create content that promotes the brands of other YouTubers to gain visibility on search rankings when making keyword searches. For instance, if you're a yoga enthusiast and you're planning a trip abroad this summer, develop and research hashtags to promote tourism destinations nearby.

12. Collaborations – 

Create useful content that can work in conjunction with other YouTuber creators. Content such as FAQs, tutorials, recipes, DIYs, music tracks, animations, travel vlogs, etc., can help boost your confidence in front of viewers. You can collaborate with peers on video content, share it across social media platforms, and make sure to maintain originality.

13. Engagement – 

Finally, it's crucial for you to make sure that you're sharing your content frequently. Whether it's weekly or biweekly, you need to consistently make sure that you're posting new stuff. And when done correctly, engagement rates increase exponentially. Make sure that your subscribers and viewers feel heard during live broadcasts, as well as after viewing others' clips. You can also encourage additional interactions from your supporters via regular messages, contests, polls, and giveaways.

14. Optimization - 

Take advantage of your current subscribers and followers to grow your subscriber count. Have at least 300 subscribers for your account before you're considered an established YouTuber. At the same time, having hundreds of thousands of followers will help you drive traffic to various websites. It's also important to keep updating your videos with fresh content. Consistency and novelty are two keys to growing an engaged community. Ask them to leave feedback and suggestions. Then, respond directly to people giving positive advice. Regular updates in terms of content length and quality will help you establish yourself as an authority figure in the niche.

15. Conclusion - 

If you're able to attract viewers, you're capable of earning revenue on YouTube. After establishing a following, you need to create attractive advertisements. Look for opportunities that will bring in a lot of income for your YouTube marketing strategy. Although the amount of money paid depends on the number of views coming from your ads, the benefits far outweigh the cost of running an ad campaign. With regard to advertising budget, it's advisable to invest at least $50 per month. So, if you invest $100 in running a successful ad campaign you will bring in $400 of monthly profit.

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